Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Trick for a Mommy

So here's a must have tip for every mom of little ones. Parker had so many ear infections... that led to antibiotics... that led to, well, let's just say the end result of what the antibiotics led to was a NASTY diaper rash. After 6 ear infections and 5 sinus infections in about 18 months, I consider myself a professional at managing an eliminating a diaper rash. That said, when he got Hand Foot Mouth, I finally met the rash I couldn't control. Bleeding, cracking skin... crying and shaking during each diaper change. If you have a little one and you haven't had this experience, you truly are lucky. The pediatrician gave us a prescription called Vusion. Worked like a champ! The problem is, my copay was $50/tube. Ridiculous. So a nurse taught me this little trick... and now I'm sharing it with you. Thanks to Logan and his food intolerance issues, I'm back making this stuff in bulk. 

Mix Desitin (the purple tube) with whatever anti-fungal ointment you want. I have approximately 5 tubes of Nyastatin so that's what I use but you can use Lotrim AF. Add a little Mylanta (the liquid anti acid will neutralize the pH on tiny hiny's and sooth the burning) and stir thoroughly. Works like a champ.