Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Months Old!

Logan Michael is 10 months old.  His 1st year is passing so quickly!  He is on the go and into EVERYTHING!  He loves "chasing" after the cats and pulling handfuls of fur out (if they're foolish enough to let him get that close).  Seriously. He squeals with delight and waves the handful of fur around.  Haha.  He is army crawling all over the place and has such perfect form that I swear the Army could make an instructional video based on Logan's perfect form.  I'm hopeful he'll figure out how to get up on all four soon... but then again, I kind of enjoy his mobility being more restricted.  

Logan views anything in his path as nothing more than an obstacle to be scaled.  He especially loves climbing over Parker when I'm changing his diaper... or maybe a more accurate description would be he loves climbing on top of Parker, pulling the paci out of his mouth, grabbing his blanket and crawling away with his loot in tow while Parker lies there helplessly waiting for me to finish getting his diaper on and asking me if I saw what baby just did.  "Parker's paci. Parker's blankie.  Uh oh!  Parker's!"

Logan also has discovered the adventure known as stairs. I had run upstairs to grab something and as I ran back down the stairs, there was Logan, coming up them. Lord have mercy.  I'm going to need to start coloring my hair soon. We live in a 3 story townhouse with LOTS of stairs... and now lots of baby gates.  Lol.

The lovely goose egg on his forehead in this picture is compliments of the baby monitor... which he pulled off the kitchen counter and it came crashing down on him.  Like I said, he's into everything.

He has such a cute smile. The spot next to his left eye reminds us of a puppy dog's spot.  Between that and the puppy dog eyes he gives us whenever he's mad or been corrected, we call him our puppy baby.

Messy dinner time but boy does this little boy love his food!  He eats every 2 hours and if we make him wait more than 2 hours... he takes matters into his own hands.  Paper, crayons, any bits of food laying on the floor.  It's pretty much a free for all.  He can literally eat for 45 minutes steady... which is somewhat comical given at 10 months old I think he just cleared the 17lb mark.  Lol.  Such a little peanut.  I think he's the 5% for weight.  I've discovered that they make "skinny" cut jeans for babies.  Crazy, huh?  He kept crawling out of his 6-9 month pants.  No really.  He would be crawling around and I would find him pantless. I had to go buy 3-6 month swim trunks this weekend... which he barely keeps on but the 0-3 month are too short for him.  Haha. Oh my goodness does this little boy keep me smiling and laughing!

His personality is developing so quickly.  He loves babbling and imitating us... and he loves joining his brother on Skype dates with the grandparents.

Our lives are overflowing with joy thanks to the Lord's kindness in giving us these 2 boys.


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